The Lost Samurai School Secrets of Mubyoshi Ryu by Antony Cummins Mieko Koizumi

The Lost Samurai School Secrets of Mubyoshi Ryu by Antony Cummins Mieko Koizumi

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The Lost Samurai School:
Secrets of Mubyoshi Ryu
by Antony Cummins with Mieko Koizumi 

This stunning English translation of a medieval Japanese text is at once an illustrated martial arts manual and a historical account of the teachings of a samurai grandmaster

Available for the first time in English, this book explores the essential practices of the samurai school known as Mubyoshi Ryu. Complete with more than 350 images, The Lost Samurai School collects and translates ancient documents that contain the teachings of grandmaster Hagiwara Juzo—revealing for the first time to western readers the enthralling martial arts, secret weapons, magic, and espionage as they were practiced by samurai in their daily lives.

The ancient Mubyoshi Ryu scrolls contain fascinating descriptions of “civilian” samurai skills—which concentrate more on personal protection than battlefield warfare—including the full ninja curriculum and elements of esoteric magic. Martial arts expert Antony Cummins contextualizes these translated documents by providing a history of the era and the school itself. The abundant illustrations form a useful martial arts manual, bringing to life the skills required to master everything from jujutsu and shuriken-jutsu (throwing blades) to swords, chain weapons, and the quarterstaff. The Lost Samurai School is a journey into the past that will preserve such skills for future generations and will appeal to anyone interested in martial arts or Japanese history.

About the Author

Antony Cummins holds an undergraduate degree in Ancient History & Archaeology and a master's degree in Neolithic Archaeology. In addition to working as a ninjutsu consultant for documentaries and other researchers, he has co-hosted television programs dedicated to the ninja. His previous works include In Search of the NinjaTrue Path of the NinjaThe Secret Traditions of the Sinobi, and the Illustrated Guide to Viking Martial Arts. He splits his time between Manchester, England and Japan.

Meiko Koizumi is a translator and expert in old Japanese texts and martial arts.

Book Condition: Used - Very Good: This book is in very good condition. It may have minor cosmetic defects (marks, wears, cuts, bends, crushes) on the cover, spine, pages or dust cover. Please see the pictures for more details.

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