Sri Brhad-Bhagavatamrta Part 1 Srila Sanatana Gosvami

Sri Brhad-Bhagavatamrta Part 1 Srila Sanatana Gosvami

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Sri Brhad-Bhagavatamrta

In the Bhakti-ratnakara of Narahari Cakravarti, the descendents of Sri Sanatana Gosvami are described as follows: "Once, there was a famous brahmana named Sri Sarvajna Jagatguru who was a respected Yajurvedi of the Bharadvaja caste. He was the King of Karnataka, who was adored by all other contemporary kings, and who was a great scholar of all the Vedas and a very fortunate person.

"His son, Anirudha deva, was as spirited as Lord Indra and more famous than the moon. He was a proficient scholar of the Vedas and a favorite of the reigning kings at that time. His two queens were also famous. Aniruddha deva's sons, Rupesvara and Harihara, became well-respected for their virtuous qualities. The elder brother, Rupesvara, earned his fame as a scholar of sastra while Harihara became a master in the science of weapons. After their marriages, their father died, leaving the administration of the state in their hands. However, the younger brother, Harihara, soon snatched the administration from the hands of his elder brother. Having lost all power, Rupesvara and his wife traveled to Paulasthadesa in a chariot pulled by eight horses. Sri Sikharesvara befriended him and convinced him to settle down there.

"Sri Rupeswara's son, Padmanabha, was a beautiful child and a genius as well. He learned the four Vedas so easily that he became famous simply for that alone. A man of impeccable character, Padmanabha was genuinely absorbed in love for Lord Jagannatha. Padmanabha left Sikhara-bhumi and went to reside on the bank of the Ganges. He lived in the village, Naihatti. In Naihatti, Padmanabha worshipped the Deity of Sri Purusottama. By performing a sacrifice, he received eighteen daughters and five sons.

"The names of his five sons were Sri Purusottam Jagannatha, Narayana, Murari, and Mukunda. His eldest son, Sri Purusottama, and the youngest son, Sri Mukunda, were the best of the five sons in terms of experience and character. Sri Mukunda deva's son, Sri Kumara, was the light of the brahmana family and a highly virtuous man. He always engaged himself in worship privately and became afraid if any evil soul came in front of him. If, by chance any non-Hindu walked in front of him, he would immediately perform some penance and would not eat rice. Because of some family difficulties, he became very disturbed and then one day, left the village, Naihatti.

  • Cover:Hardcover
  • Edition:2007
  • Publisher:Ras Bihari Lal and Sons
  • ISBN:9788184030303
  • Language:(Transliterated Text, Word-to-Word Meaning and English Translation)
  • Size:9.7" X 6.5"
  • Pages:412

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