Idiot's Guides: Stretching by Roberts MS

Idiot's Guides: Stretching by Roberts MS

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Idiot's Guides: Stretching

Proper stretching can lead to better health; greater range of motion; and a longer, healthier life. However, if done improperly, it can lead to unnecessary pain and injury. Idiot's Guides: Stretching is a simple and clear guide to safe, healthy stretching for people of all ages and with all ranges of health. Each stretch is introduced in an easy-to-understand, full-color format that teaches you to stretch the right way. Along the way, you'll benefit from easier as well as more advanced modifications, and learn how to avoid incorrect techniques that can lead to the injuries that can result due to improper instruction. You'll also benefit from prescriptive routines designed around everyday movements to help ease many of the most common issues associated with chronic pain and limited range of motion.

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