Arabian Nights Tales Translated by Richard Burton Vintage Antique Book

Arabian Nights Tales Translated by Richard Burton Vintage Antique Book

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Tales From the Arabian Nights
Translated by Richard Francis Burton.
Selected stories for a Pocket Books Collector's Edition.
Illustrations by W. M. Cuthill.

They are ancient stories, but they still enchant our imaginations today. Ali Baba and the Forty ThievesSinbad the SailorAladdin. These and the other Middle Eastern stories collected in Arabian Nights are delightful, fascinating, and fun for fans and first-time readers alike.

Full of mischief, valor, ribaldry, and romance, The Arabian Nights has enthralled readers for centuries. These are the tales that saved the life of Shahrazad, whose husband, the king, executed each of his wives after a single night of marriage. Beginning an enchanting story each evening, Shahrazad always withheld the ending: A thousand and one nights later, her life was spared forever. 

Burtons translation is acknowledged as the definitive rendering of the NIGHTS into English for it's exceptional accuracy.

Book condition:
Vintage/antique book, with some wear around edges and on cover.
Pages are all intact and bound with slight tanning.
Caramel Brown leather binding with gold printed design and partial cover with floral print. End-pages are also the floral print.
Condition as seen in pictures. 
Illustrated by W.M. Cuthill
Pocket Books, Inc. 
Collector's Edition 
New York
Printed around 1940-1950

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